Celebrated tonight with the family and it was pretty great

Saw a lot of aunts and uncles that I  haven’t seen in years

A bunch of little cousins running around everywhere

going crazy when it was time to open up the presents

can’t remember the last time i was so excited to get a present

they are adorablee.

my family can COOK.

the birria was DELISH!

overall, great night.

dog tired though!


I’m not too fond of the term “smh”. Maybe it’s because its so overused now? Whatever it is, I cant stand it. When I’m reading something and they use “smh” I always end up reading it as “sssmmhhugh” instead of “shake my head”. I don’t know, im a dork. :P I think i’ve only used the term once in my life and I wish I hadn’t. Going against the crowd, whenever I come across something that makes me want to “shake my head” i’ll simply say “rme”.

Short for “Roll My Eyes”.


sexy pictures

I wonder why there has to be “sexy pictures” involved. Hopefully its not like that for everyone when they are talking to a guy/girl. I mean if your into that then okay i guess, but if a nigga asking you for a sexy picture every single second, thats an indication that something is fishy. This guy has made no move in order to get to know me, the real me, but he doesn’t hesitate to ask for pictures. 

Your an ass. I can’t believe I liked you so much, when honestly, i didn’t really know you. Still don’t. I feel like an idiot. But hey, i shouldn’t be too quick to judge, even though I feel I’m right on this one. 

Prove to me that I’m wrong.

I dare you.

super excited for tomorrow!

going to go out with the best fraanss and party it up!

if i end up seeing that some one, then great.

if not, great.

ima still have my fun.

i guess im over it, im over him, don’t get me wrong, nigga still cute and if the situation comes up i prob would kiss him, but thats all.

a few weeks back i swore i’d get with him, like reeaallyy get with him, but looking back, i was dumb as fuck.

how would that make me seem?

he’s the last one, i promise.

after this thing i have going on is over, im going to change.

im not going to be the same girl that all the guys can just get with cuz they think im easy.

im alone, but thats my fault.

if i wanted to find some one serious, i would have changed.

im not the kind of girl that deserves a serious guy, at least not right now.

but that will change.

i WILL find my prince charming.